Vehicle Types used
in Truck Industry

Double Trailer Truck.jpg

Cab and drive axle portion is the power unit designed to pull the trailer. Truck tractor cannot carry cargo without attaching a trailer. Some part of the cargo weight rests upon the power unit. There are many types of tractors: Sleepers, Yard, Day.

Truck without a trailer attached is called bobtail. Bobtailing is different from Deadheading.

A trailer without cover/enclose part. Back/bed of the truck is flat and open and can be loaded from all sides. Also called Stake Beds. It is used to transport oversized or wide load items like heavy machinery, equipment, building supplies, etc.

Dry van:
A truck trailer that is enclosed and protected from elements dropping.

It is a truck or tailer wich has a refrigerated unit and a thermostat to transport perishables and temperature sensitive goods. They are also called chiller trucks. See also Refrigerated Container

Pannel Van:
There are various sizes of pannel vans. Some are small as mini vans and some have fairly large boxes at the bed of trucks. Also called box trucks. See Box Truck

Hotshot trucking carries relatively smaller, but time-sensitive loads to accessible locations. Instead of filling trailers with multiple loads, they generally take incomplete or Less-Than-Truckload (LTL). They dedicate their route and schedule to a single customer.

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